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The Whole Gritty City is a 90-minute documentary that plunges viewers into the world of three New Orleans school marching bands. The film follows kids growing up in America's most musical city, and one of its most dangerous, as their band directors get them ready to perform in the Mardi Gras parades, and teach them to succeed and to survive. Navigating the urban minefield through moments of setback, loss, discovery, and triumph, these children and their adult leaders reveal the power and resilience of a culture.

ICA Presents Black Documentary Collective
"The Whole Gritty City"
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 @ 6pm

Tickets: https://theblackdocumentarycollective.eventbrite.com

"Heartbreaking and hopeful" –LA Times
"Sensitive, intelligent & inspirational" –NPR Fresh Air
"Marching bands have never been so captivating." –Common Sense Media
"Gritty City is glorious" –David Simon, "The Wire", "Treme"

web site: http://thewholegrittycity.com/


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zl-JTH_mUI

Honoring The Legacy of Vivian Robinson, Founder, AUDELCO

Celebrating 2015 AUDELCO “VIV” Award Nominees

“Recognition for Excellence in Black Theatre

2013 Torch Bearer Pioneer Ceremony

Sunday, November 15, 2015

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

$20.00 Admission

For Information Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is the story of Milagros Baez, a Puerto Rican woman in Spanish Harlem who longs for a different life. While she spends her days and nights working at a local grocery market, she secretly fantasizes about going to college and becoming a writer. But in her world, this is not a realistic goal. With no one on her side, she is resigned to living in the projects of El Barrio for the rest of her life. With no one to believe in her, Millie doesn't even believe in herself.

When Millie meets Mateo, a former Young Lord, her life is transformed. As he slowly shares with Millie all of his knowledge and experiences with the Puerto Rican revolutionary group,The Young Lords, she discovers an inner strength and passion that she never knew was there Mateo's encouragement and belief in Millie give her a new found sense of possibility, and little by little, her life begins to change. Inspired by the model of the Young Lords Party, Millie is able to overcome her fears and become the woman that she was meant to be.

Incorporating original presentations from the founding members of the Young Lords Party with a deeply emotional story written by Jennica Carmona, Millie and the Lords is an inspiring motion picture about one woman's journey from isolation and helplessness to strength and empowerment. Millie and the Lords incorporates documentary material and inventive cinematography that honors the legacy of the Young Lords Party.




Dialogues is an innovative new initiative of Composers Now. Hosted by Tania León, founder/artistic director of the organization. Dialogues raises visibility for composers and their music, breaks down the barriers to concert-going and engages new audiences. Short performances open the evening, followed by an illuminating town hall style conversation between composers and audience.
The theme of tonight and this inaugural season of Dialogues is the impact of the arts on our society. The September 25 event is presented in collaboration with the International Communications Association, Dwyer Cultural Center and Harlem Cultural Archives. Events will take place in all five boroughs during 2016.

Marcos Balter, composer; Ryan Muncy, saxophone
Eric Chasalow, composer; Miranda Cuckson, violin
Valerie Coleman, composer/performer
Rahzel, composer/beatboxer

Leading voices for the conversation are composers Elizabeth Hoffman, John Kaefer and Nkeiru Okoye, members of the Composers Now Board of Advisors or Distinguished Mentors Council.

ticket purchase: https://composersnow.eventbrite.com

web site: http://www.composersnow.org/cn/?

Harlem International Film Festival/Screening-Adolfo Perez Esquivel: Rivers of Hope "Adolfo Perez Esquivel:

RIVERS OF HOPE" is the story of Latin America over the past eighty years, as seen through the eyes of one man -- world famous artist, human rights activist, and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Adolfo Perez Esquivel.

From his humble birth in Argentina to an indigenous mother and immigrant father, to his work exposing the "dirty war" being waged by military dictatorships across Latin America, to his time as a "disappeared" and tortured political prisoner, Adolfo became known as the conscience of Latin America and as a powerful voice for the dispossessed.

With extensive archival footage, family photos and never before seen interviews, this very personal film captures one man's journey upon the currents of hope that are now running across the Latin American continent, and it chronicles the genuine progress being made in the struggle for human rights and social justice, for all. - Written by Dawn Engle

Purchase Tickets here: http://adolfoperezesquivelriversofhope.brownpapertickets.com/

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